An enthusiast, amateur, beginner?

Highlighting the advantages you have as an “amateur” photographer

For one reason or another, the terms “enthusiast, amateur, and beginner” can be really devastating to the confidence of those just sending out into the world of photography – especially those that are hoping to one day make a career of this path later down the line.

Thankfully though, the truth of the matter is those just starting down this path are going to have a tremendous amount of advantages as amateurs compared to professional photographers, even if it doesn’t seem like that at first.

Here’s a little bit of inside information and insight into the advantages that you are going to enjoy as an amateur photographer, and all of them should help boost your confidence right through the roof!

You get to learn – and practice – without much pressure on your shoulders

As an amateur you are often times going to be judged as a beginner and an amateur, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, you get to learn, you get to practice, and you get to try out new approaches and new techniques without any real pressure on your shoulders, and especially not the kind of pressure that professional photographers are going to have to carry whenever they start to color outside the lines.

You get to experiment with your photography more than you would have been able to as a pro

Professional photographers are almost always going to be locked into a very specific kind of box, especially if they were able to experiment with your photographybecome professional photographers through a very specific visual style or aesthetic. This may be liberating for some, shooting the same kind of photos over and over again, but for those with real creativity in their blood it’s about as bad as a death sentence.

As an amateur photographer, you get to experiment and be as creative as you like without any real restriction.

You don’t ever have to worry about your creativity getting clipped because of editorial demands

Professional photographers ALWAYS have to answer to someone that is considered “above them”, even if they are only ever doing work with a client directly. Editorial demands will come down the line to these kinds of photographers, controlling the kinds of shots that they capture or the kinds of shots that they create.

When you are a true amateur, you don’t have to ever worry about your creativity getting clipped by these kinds of demanding individuals that may not really share the vision or the expertise that you are able to bring to the table.

You have complete and total freedom with your photography

At the end of the day, your amateur status as a photographer is going to open up a lot of freedom that you simply would not have been able to enjoy as a professional. Make the most of this opportunity to learn, to grow, and to master your craft without the pressure and restraints that will inevitably be placed squarely upon your shoulders when you do decide to go pro!

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