Common Mistakes Made by New Photographers

Easily fixable mistakes new photographers make all the time

New photographers – just like newbies at any other skill – make a lot of the same mistakes right out of the gate. Fixing the mistakes below will help you succeed in photography almost immediately, and allow you to create much better shots right out of the gate!


Not paying enough attention to composition

It’s really, really easy to make mistakes when it comes to the composition of photos, simply because there is no set in stone compositiondictating composition in general. For the most part, however, you’re going to want to abide by the “Rule of Thirds”. Separate the viewfinder of your camera into a nine block grid and make sure that you keep things in thirds from top to bottom and side to side and you will be in much better position.


Not getting close enough to the subject of the photo

Photos are supposed to be intimate memories frozen in time, which is why you are going to want to get in as close to the subject of your photography as possible, regardless of whether or not you are doing work, landscape work, or any other kind of photography for that matter. Play around with distance later down the line, after you have mastered the art of the intimate close-up.


Incorrect contrast, exposure, and black/white levels

The tones of your photos are going to act the same way that the paint for a painter rates, allowing you to color your work in a Incorrect contrastway that gives it a very specific look, a very specific feel, and very specific emotions. Don’t be shy about playing around with contrast, exposure, and black/white levels – but make sure that you dial in a style that you love so that you have a baseline to operate off of from they are.

Getting a little heavy-handed with postprocessing effects

Too many brand-new photographers fall in love with all of the “toys” that photo editing software solutions like Photoshop offer. These kinds of photographers play around with every filter under the sun, every preset available, and all kinds of add-ons that they download online – and these heavy hands with postprocessing effects always show.

Lighten up on the postprocessing (at least while you are new) until you have a much better grasp of the software, when and where to apply specific filters – and how much to apply at any one specific time – and you will get much better results with all of the photographs that you are taking as a newbie in this field. To find more about Postprocessing check here

Not taking photos that are sharp enough on their own

Blurring your photos intentionally can add an interesting effect and a lot of drama to your photos that wouldn’t have existed otherwise, but often times new photographers simply don’t take photos that are sharp enough on their own – often because they don’t use the manual focus abilities of their lenses and instead they rely on autofocus.

Practice taking razor-sharp photos before you play around with blurry aesthetics and you’ll be in a much better position.

Get better every single day

Take advantage of all of the inside information, tips, tricks, and strategies that we have highlighted above and you’ll be able to absolutely master the basics and fundamentals of photography, even if you are completely brand-new.

These are the kinds of effortlessly fixable mistakes that most newbie photographers make when they are just starting out, and if you resolve to stop making these mistakes right away you will be miles and miles ahead of those that are still unaware of the fact that they are making these kinds of mistakes in the first place.

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