Early Employees: Heather Champ & Flickr

Are there any questions I’m glad that Hunter didn’t ask me? Yes. 

"Heather, is there anything we should know about the 10th Floor at 475 Sansome Street?"

I would have caved in an instant.

"Well, Hunter… Sadly, the batteries to the remote control ran out while the fart machine was secreted somewhere in the false ceiling. We couldn’t remember where it had last been left. The team was then moved away from that area and later to a different floor entirely.

It’s true. We left a remote controlled fart machine somewhere in the false ceiling of the Flickr offices.”

Early Employees: Heather Champ & Flickr on Linked In. I’m quite honoured that Hunter Walk interviewed me. I only hope I represented the team well. There are many wonderful people who made Flickr what it once was. I miss them all every day.